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Why you should consider printing your construction drawings in colour.

It is a known fact by all who require printing services; printing in colour is more expensive than black and white. We cannot argue with this statement; however, the extra expense of colour printing pertaining to construction drawings, could mean an increase in profits and productivity for your company.


74% of professionals say lagging productivity is a major challenge

32% cite poor communication and inability to collaborate as a leading obstacle

48% believe firms fail to achieve a coherent strategy


Before getting into the benefits of colour printing – let’s answer the everlasting question… why is colour printing more expensive? There’s a simple answer to this, black only is just that, black ink/toner only. Whereas, when printing in colour, you are now taking four colours (CMYK). Colour printing also entails more preventative maintenance and ink/toner waste. The increase cost for colour simply covers a printer’s bottom-line expenses for offering the service.

Now let’s discuss why you should be asking for your drawings in colour. We’ve all heard the term “stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime”; rather than seeing colour printing as an upfront expense, it should be treated as an investment.

  • Colour printing increases productivity and efficiency

  • Colour printing reduces your risk level

  • Colour printing improves bottom line margins

  • Colour printing reduces human error

Printing your drawings in colour will provide detail, perspective and contrast that black-only hatch marks just cannot compete with. By printing your technical drawings in colour you will:

  • Improve production times and provide easy coordination

  • Provide more efficient communication with complex technical drawings – your team can understand the plan quicker and spend less time reading

  • Reduce the risk of human perception and interpretation


Colour printing advantages – the numbers:

80% reduction in errors when reviewing drawings in colour

65% of professionals agree colour documents are easier to understand

Every $1.00 invested in colour printing can save you $4.00 on any project

3.9% reduction in expenses due to error when using colour drawings


Providing your team with tools and resources to improve efficiency and productivity is key in successful project management. Contact Rileys today to get your drawings quoted in colour and consider it an investment and larger profit margin for your next project!

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