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custom printed interiors

We have a passion for the innovation of custom printed interior décor.


Vivid Interior Décor is the newest division of RILEYS, focusing on Corporate Identity and Branding within the interior outfitting's of our customers workspaces.


In early 2018, RILEYS further expanded into the Latex Print Technology industry. After much research and development, we learned there was a huge market for custom printed interior décor; and Vivid was born as a successful counterpart focusing on corporate identity, hospitality, buildings, institutions, and healthcare. 

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Give your employees the privacy they need while adding a stylish accent to your workspace. Vivid has an array of products available including etched vinyl, holographic vinyl, an array of unique colours and even custom printed to suit your brand. Choose between one-way vinyl, transparent vinyl, and everything in between! Add privacy screening to exterior windows for security, boardrooms, kitchens, and so much more. Contact us today to get started on your unique style.



Who says wallpaper belongs only in your grandma's living room!? Introducing our custom printed wallpaper! Take your image or pattern, pick your wallpaper finish and add it to any space! Our materials are luxurious and easy to install, giving your space a unique one-of-a-kind treatment!



Boring curtains and roller blinds are a thing of the past. Incorporate your design onto your window coverings to provide a seamless pattern throughout your space. We have an array of materials available which control the amount of light and privacy. Our state of the art hardware is cord-free and comes with a solar powered option for automatic draw down when it gets a bit too bright. Learn more about our roller blinds and curtain services today!



Add in the finishing touches to your space, with  custom branded throw pillows and lampshades. Take an ordinary item such as a garbage can and wrap it in a unique design to bring attention or engage customers! 



Whether you need a new logo sign, room markers, washroom signs or even advertising - Vivid can manage your whole project. We have various styles available including cut acrylic lettering, channel letters, light boxes, and standard vinyl. Ensure your staff and guests get a full grasp of your space and can navigate with ease. Learn more about our LED light systems and how they can accentuate your interior signage and wayfinding!



Design your space with your very own artwork. Allow Vivid to create stunning acrylic or aluminum prints with your image printed directly to the material. Available are various frames which allow you to exchange your images with ease and keep your space fresh. Learn more about our products available to you!



Control the sound, echoes and reverberations in your space with unique acoustic panels designed as pieces of art. Vivid can create wall or ceiling mounted panels, or freestanding pieces to help absorb sound pollution. Design your acoustic panels with artwork on both sides and have them double as privacy screening, or a room divider. Learn more about our acoustic services today and how we can help!



Bring your uniqueness and creativity to your collaborative space. Vivid is able to create custom printed, cut and etched white boards, as well as magnetic wall coverings. These are sure to be a crowd pleaser and add a little extra to your space!


how we do it

In order to ensure your visions are achieved, Rileys treats Vivid Interior Decor as a consulting service, as well as print and installation. In order to bring your idea to life, a full scale service is required from start to finish, We call our process Concept to Completion.


Our Project Management team will arrange to come on-site and view the area. Measurements and photos are obtained as well as any other important information in order to provide mock up's and pricing for a successful design and install process.


Vivid is equipped with a fleet of high-quality production equipment which we use to create your project. 

We use all precautionary measures to ensure quality and criteria are maintained throughout the process, creating an exceptional product ready for installation.


Based on the space and specifications, Vivid Interior Decor will provide you with concepts and ideas to capture your vision. 

Vivid will also provide consultation services of space planning, and interior design at the request of our customers. 


Our professional installers will bring your vision to reality. All our installations are completed with efficiency, while maintaining all safety precautions. 

Final installation will be compared to previously approved mock up's for the final quality confirmation step of our process.


Our design team will go to work creating a one-of-a-kind mock up of your space. Alternatives will be presented to give our customers some easy options to capture their vision. Alterations will be made as per the customer's request and then used as a template for your final product.


A final walkthrough will be completed by our Project Management team to ensure specifications are met and quality is exceptional. Any deficiencies will be noted and rectified quickly, leaving you with a unique space custom designed to your brand. 




Throughout the years, many different ink processes have been used, from UV to Die Sublimation. Rileys has explored these options but found the one superior to all is Latex based printing. In 2019, we made the switch and are proud of our 100% latex fleet of equipment providing custom printed interior decor services to our customers. 


Latex ink produces exceptional quality products. Latex ink is very durable to scratches and friction; and is not as quickly effected by UV light as other processes. Meaning your project will keep its vibrant colours longer!


Not only does latex ink look great, it can be combined with an extensive catalogue of materials. From substrates such as aluminum and acrylic, to soft fabrics including cotton and polyester; latex ink can be used on most materials!


Latex ink is water based, there is no off-gassing process, the inks are odorless and do not require any sort of venting process; therefore the prints can be installed safely in public spaces. Latex ink does not produce ozone emissions during printing and contain zero hazardous air pollutants!



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