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Our History

Rileys 75th Logo (OLD SYLE) - RED.png


Rileys is very excited to be celebrating 75 years in business!


To commemorate the occasion our design team created an anniversary logo which incorporates the original RILEYS logo from 1950 at the top and our current branding at the bottom.


Rileys continues to bring to our clients a wealth of invaluable experience, and a passion for solving the challenges of today’s business environment!

Throughout our years in the marketplace, we have constantly evolved to meet the needs of our customers. With innovation, and risk-taking, we have reinvented with the print industry to constantly provide print and other services. 

Learn more about our history below!


On May 26, 1950; Jack Riley incorporated Rileys Reproduction Ltd. With offices in Calgary and Edmonton; our customers were comprised mainly of oil, gas and construction industries by way of producing blue prints, maps, architectural drawings , oil logs, reports and more!


well log.jpg

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Rileys was sold to a man named Arvil Minor, who remained the owner for 25 years.


Rileys expanded in the Canadian marketplace, opening three new locations; Vancouver, Regina and Winnipeg. 

Although we have offices in these locations now, operations have been relocated to more convenient premises than the originals.




Rileys was split into two companies, Rileys Reproductions and Printing, and Rileys Datashare. 

Rileys Datashare went public and was traded on the TSX to help fund the digitization of Well Logs. 


Rileys Reproduction and Printing was sold to a local Alberta man - Terry Sparks. Rileys has been a family owned company since this day!

In 1978, Terry acquired the shares of Rileys Datashare from Arvil and in 1998, he sold the Datashare business to International Datashare. 


Arvil Minor and Terry Sparks

In 1975, Rileys also opened it's second Calgary location, Calgary South. This location provided all the same services of the Calgary Main location, including drawings, blue prints, and more. 


The iconic 8th Avenue location was set for demolition to make way for the new Can Oxy tower (today it is known as the BMO tower). 

Rileys moved next door and set up shop there for the next 40 years!

Browse through the gallery to see more photos from the 1980 renovation!



Terry purchased a firm in Denver, Colorado called Cain Repro. It continued to operate under it's existing name. Terry hired his son - Wade Sparks, to work at Cain after graduating from Washington State University. 

Rileys maintained ownership of Cain Repro for 4 years and sold it to T-Square in 1986.




Along with six other business owners in the printing industry, RMX Network was formed. Originally under the name ReproMAX, this group of companies is comprised of independent print service providers coming together to share information, technology, and a community to use the skills and advice of like-minded companies to grow businesses.


Rileys affiliation with this network gives us access to industry leading technology, industry education, and print service providers all over North America and into Europe.

Wade Sparks is still an active member of RMX Network today.


Rileys signed it's first Enterprise Solutions contract; implementing printing services on-site in a customer's office space. 

This was the beginning of one of our core business models. 

Our second on-site print shop was opened in 1998, with Rileys adding three more by 2003, bringing their total of on-site locations in the Calgary area to five.


Rileys opened its third Calgary location in partnership with a Managed Print Services Customer, Calgary North.

This major milestone commenced the unique Strategic Partnership where we were able to grow with our customers as they acquired our additional services. 



Our footprint across Canada grew exponentially with an additional Copy Centre in Edmonton, Alberta; and new locations in Regina, Saskatchewan and Vancouver, British Columbia.


Rileys is reunited with the Manitoba marketplace with the expansion of our services into Winnipeg.


Following the needs of our Enterprise Solutions customers, Rileys resumes business in the United States, opening it's first American location in Houston, Texas in nearly 25 years.

In the same year, Rileys also opened it's second location in Saskatchewan; our Saskatoon location situated right in the heart of the city.


Rileys' Calgary South location moves to it's new building on 3200 114 Avenue SE (our Corporate Headquarters today). New technology was purchased for Wide Format Printing, including a flat bed printer; and our Wide Format Solutions location was born.

Our second location in the United States was opened in the same year with our Enterprise Solutions customer in Troy, Michigan.


New Offset Machine going into the basement - 2009


Rileys opened it's first location in Red Deer, Alberta. Located in the heart of Downtown Red Deer in Executive Place.


Rileys continues to expand East, opening it's first Ontario location in our nation's capital - Ottawa.


An exciting year for Rileys, we successfully acquired Mondrian Hall print shops. This acquisition allowed us to expand our customer base and locations in Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon. 



Rileys Reproductions and Printing Ltd. is purchased by Wade Sparks, it's name is changed to Rileys Enterprise Solutions Inc. but we continue to operate under our simplified name of RILEYS.

New Image.JPG


Rileys opens it's second location in Ontario, in Waterloo. Our Waterloo Copy Centre is located in the "Silicon Valley" of Canada - what used to be the Blackberry Headquarters in the tech-centralized area surround the University of Waterloo.


Our expansion into the United States continues with the opening of our location in Charleston, West Virginia.


To meet the requirements of our Enterprise Solutions customers, Rileys opens it's Wide Format Solutions hub for the United States. Our Charleston office completes all signage and display projects for our customers across the United States. 


With the everchanging industry, Rileys invests in new latex technology which allows us to print up to 10 feet in a single pass. This new technology allows Rileys to open up to many more industries and as a result, Interior Décor Solutions is formed.


After 70 years of operations in the Downtown Core of Calgary, Rileys closes its 8th Avenue SW location and consolidates all operations with the South location to form our new Corporate Headquarters!

Interior decor Solutions-icon and label_

Click to learn more about Vivid Interior Decor!


Rileys consolidates its Edmonton operations and expands its capabilities with a move to a new regional office.


Rileys acquires another location in Mississauga, Ontario and launches its new division, Promotional Solutions.


Throughout our years in the industry, the technology has been everchanging to meet our customer's needs.

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