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A wearer of many hats, Candice Mauro, VP of Operations embraces challenges with Competitive Spirit


Evolution is one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time and changed how we looked at ourselves. In the print industry it’s the evolution of digital print technology which has changed the direction of print forever. Similar to the development of computers in the 60s, 3-D printing is a universal technology which could revolutionize our lives by enabling individuals to design and manufacture almost anything.

Candice Mauro, Vice President of Operations for Rileys Enterprise Solutions, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has won the 2021 WOMEN IN WIDE FORMAT AWARD. The sixth annual Women in Wide Format Awards were presented on October 7, 2021, by BIG PICTURE Magazine. This recognition is received by six female leaders who have advanced the wide-format digital print industry through their innovation, vision in spearheading successful business, and philanthropy. All serving in influential positions such as president, owner and VP of operations, these women are impacting our field. They demonstrate leadership, progressive responsibility, and community awareness.

This prestigious award was presented to Candice Mauro for her admirable qualities, including her 25 years of dedication to the print industry, and is well known as a hard worker, a key team player plus so much more. She understands all aspects of the business, from running the equipment, to understanding corporate requirements and operational efficiencies needed to fulfill her work. She thrives on challenging opportunities which push the boundaries and is willing to try something completely game-changing to the wide format industry. Candice makes her home in Okotoks, Alberta and is honoured to be the only Canadian woman amongst this year’s recipients.

According to Candice the word ‘no’ is not one included in her vocabulary and she declares being a women in Wide Format means you are strong, innovative, courageous and competitive all the while being a natural caregiver and multi-tasker with the ability to wear many hats. It’s a title she feels proud of and hopes it will inspire more women to join this creative and exciting industry. Candice wants to be the person customers can come to with the most out-of-this-world requests, and show them Rileys has the people and technology to bring their ideas to life.

“Candice is the perfect example of hard work, dedication, exceptional service, and determination in the print industry. She is a role model for many of our new employees to understand that growth and development is possible in any position.” –Wade Sparks, President & CEO, Rileys.

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